How to Make the Most Out of Comfortable Living

How to Make the Most Out of Comfortable Living

Personal Definition of Comfortablel living

Comfortable living is such a broad topic. It can be defined in many ways. Answering the following questions is a prerequisite to defining the said topic: When do we say that we have a comfortable life? Does having a comfortable life mean being contented?
Comfortable living is having enough. Be it financially, emotionally, physically, psychologically, or spiritually. It would always depend on what the individual needs.
Let’s use financial status as an example: A homeless person may find comfort in a tent and a rugged blanket. However, this could mean “survival” for some first time campers.
Do you have a comfortable life? Are you financially stable? Are you healthy? Do you have a healthy relationship with your family and friends? How’s your well-being? Do you believe in something?
Realistically speaking, it’s not possible to have all these. But, it is possible indeed to live comfortably. We can’t learn it from anyone though. We can be inspired, but it has to come from within. Sometimes, it’s better to get inspiration from the people who are less fortunate than us.
In my personal opinion, it’s not too difficult to define comfortable living.
Well, I’m not a big dreamer to begin with. I’m a work hard play hard type of person. I only embrace balance. To me, comfortable living is a having a little piece of the things that complete me as a person.
It can be as simple as this: Set a goal, work hard, learn how to compromise. Don’t forget to treat yourself every now and then though. When you make the grade, go back to the list of questions above. If you possess at least fifty percent of it (because you can’t have it all), then maybe you can say you have a comfortable life.
We were born to ask for more. All of us. No exemptions. Don’t try to be contented because it’s not innate in us. Be specific instead. Know exactly what you need and do your best to achieve it. Most importantly, make sure you definition of comfortable living is not bigger than you.

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