How to Make the Most Out of Comfortable Living

How to Make the Most Out of Comfortable Living

What Does Comfortable Living Mean to you

Only few people on this planet have the access to enter the domain of having these we so called comfortable living, people who have been swimming at the ponds of thousands or even million bucks. They are the ones who have been classified as the royalties and first families who didn’t even suffer from recessions. However, comfortable living for me doesn’t necessarily need to gain wealth. Comfortable living still depends on our lifestyle and how we manage to divide our wealth into our needs.
One of the greatest standards of categorizing this Comfortable living, of course from the word itself, live or in related to houses. Mansions, palaces, big houses with no more less than 10 rooms were so amusing to live with, but with a small family consisting of 3-4 persons would it be still cool to reside with? I guess not. We can still enjoy going back to a home where size doesn’t matter; perhaps, just a small house would be fine just as long as we manage to pay our bills in accordance to its due date. Not the type of struggling to seek for money just to pay for those bills, paying them before it’ll be considered as debts. Comfortable usually meant by living a life with no stress and problems especially when it comes to wealth and needs.
Aside from our houses, it is best to classify our way of living through our properties inside our home; furniture, appliances, individual belongings and etc. Those things that serve as part of our daily lives will have a big portion of bringing us to a comfortable living. However, there is a big difference between pleasuring our wants and satisfying our needs. All of us wanted to meet the level of pleasuring our wants, buying things that we don’t usually need in order to live but it doesn’t mean that if we doesn’t able to do that we cannot live a comfortable living. Just as long as we fulfill our needs and necessities and we don’t usually encounter big problems, it is a comfortable life already. Lastly, as long as we satisfy our appetites with healthy foods at least three times a day, life would be so precious. Comfortable living basically depends on having the capability to possess all of the basic needs and necessities base on the hierarchy of needs by Abraham Maslow. Any things other than that are some fruits of our works and it is much better if we enjoyed all of it.

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