How to Make the Most Out of Comfortable Living

How to Make the Most Out of Comfortable Living

Are you living a comfortable life?

Comfortable living is what probably all of us are looking for. We are going to do anything just to have that kind of life. But the question is how can you say that you have comfortable living? What are you going to do to maintain this kind of living?
Comfortable living differs depends on people. It depends how rich they are, what is their profession, how many they are in the family, do they have properties etc. For people who are living on streets, comfortable living is to have their own house, earn money that is enough for the family to live. For those marginalize people comfortable living is having a stable job, eating three times a day can buy their needs, send their siblings or children to a good school. For people who are rich and having lots of properties their standard for comfortable living is quite high than other people. Even if they are too rich they still want more. Comfortable living for them might be the best and earning more money.
For me comfortable living is what I have right now. I’m not saying that my life is perfect but I feel happy with what I have right now. I’m a single mother having one baby girl and working on a Japanese company. Having my job and a place to work with different kind of people is one of the good reasons. I eat three times a day, actually more than three, I can buy what my family and baby needs, go with relaxing places, having good times with my officemates and friends.
I maintain this comfortable living by having myself prepare. I am not a superhero but I know I can pass and face a new day with strength. This strength was from my Creator. Life is full of challenge. Although, sometimes we feel down, we might do wrong things, we cry, we get angry but it does not mean that your life is miserable. You are the one whose making the steps for you to have that comfortable living. We live to survive.
For me it is not true that comfortable living is all about money. Sometimes it is about your perspective. The way you think about your life and the way you see yourself. having a comfortable life is not impossible. What you think is what you get. Do something productive today and sooner or later you will see the result.

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