How to Make the Most Out of Comfortable Living

How to Make the Most Out of Comfortable Living

What you should hope for in Comfortable Living

The idea of having to wake up only when you want to, taking nice long baths in a bath tub, eating your hearts out, playing relentlessly without having to worry about time, going wherever you want, do all of these make your heart feel good? Do you dream about this day when working and getting tired because of it, is not an option anymore? For many, this may seem to be the idea of comfortable living, but I think it is far from what you can say to be “Comfortable”.
Being able to not work sure is a dream for many. Relaxing all the time is surely the first idea of anyone if you ask about Comfortable Living but this ideas are just part of the whole picture. These are only good parts that you may want to experience but in entirety, when you step back a couple of times and be able to see the whole picture, maybe you’ll finally realize what Comfortable Living could be. Imagine you could have that “Relaxing” life you wished for and nothing left to do. Do you think you’ll feel at your best then?
Seeing and experiencing is Believing, that’s what you might say but Knowing before something happens is more appropriate than experiencing something that you might regret. For me, having to live that way is not Comfortable living. It’s not even living anymore. With a lifestyle like that, a purpose is diminished, there’s only an endless pit of repeated happenings, a cycle that will start with a smile and might probably end with regretting.
There’s more to Comfortable living than it may seem. It is having a purpose while enjoying the ride. Resting is also a part of living but still, a little bump once in a while in life will surely give you a better attitude and make you look forward to the upcoming days in your life. Comfortable Living is resting on the right times, having a purpose in life, getting through obstacles in life and completing the day with a sense of success and a smile on your face.

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